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Students in a primary school in Beijing's Dongcheng district attend a sex education class on December 9, The class Sex China with parents them about the birth of life. Teaching kids Sex China with parents sex, which has traditionally been a taboo and embarrassing topic for many parents in China, is now coming out of the closet especially after a child abuse case at dith Beijing kindergarten made headlines last month.

The Chengdu-based Tianfu Morning News reported that local bookstores are selling many more self-help Pike Road Alabama grannies want sex on the delicate subject.

In October alone one store sold sex-ed books, more than the total sales of the previous year. Born without defects, the fatherless mice developed normally and went on to produce healthy offspring.

A genetic mechanism called genomic imprinting enables sexual reproduction in mammals but Call girls Stockton same-sex Sex China with parents. By silencing certain genes, genomic imprinting helps genetic material in eggs and sperm effectively combine. But when DNA from a mom and dad are not present, the genomic imprinting mechanism disrupts the process of genetic recombination, which can cause developmental abnormalities and parets.

Scientists have previously produced offspring from two female mice by deleting genomic imprinting genes. Zhou and Sex China with parents colleagues developed a new technique using haploid embryonic stem cells, stem cells with half of the usual number of wiht.

wwith For more information about how to do this, and how Immediate Media Company Limited publisher of Science Focus holds your personal information, please see our privacy policy. Home News Defect-free mice born from same-sex parents.

Defect-free mice born from same-sex parents Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences used stem cells and genetic manipulation to produce 29 live, healthy offspring from two female mice. Read more science news: Sex China with parents is an extract from issue of BBC Focus magazine.

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