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Married attached and bored or lonely Seeking Cock

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Married attached and bored or lonely

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Age is not an issue, maturity level definitely is. 5' eleven 12, 2 fifteen lbs6.

Age: 47
Relationship Status: Mistress
Seeking: I Am Ready Sexy Meet
City: Kettering, OH
Hair: Soft
Relation Type: Anyone Wanna Older Women Adult Nsas ?

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Monogamous relationships make a man soft, mentally and physically.

Searching Teen Fuck Married attached and bored or lonely

You get comfortable, you stop trying, the frame slips away. Things are familiar.

And boring. Hank is a middle aged bachelor living a bohemian life as writer and womaniser in LA.

Booze, weed, meltdowns, mess — classic bachelor hallmarks. Players are certainly not immune to Oneitis. This explains why many legendary cads from Frank Sinatra to Hugh Hefner get married multiple times and lose both their frame and freedom. I call this Affection Addiction. So is there a solution to the bored vs lonely conundrum?

I Wanting Sex Chat Married attached and bored or lonely

Or a player can ensure his oxytocin levels are topped up with mini relationships anf Married attached and bored or lonely days or weeks here and there with girls as you travelclose male friendships and even female friends sourced from former fuck buddies. Enough adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin to stay single and horny, but also enough oxytocin to feel loved and human.

Too much of either can dash you on the rocks. I was wondering if you could do a video or podcast or how a man should go about choosing his mission to give direction to his life. Its not directly daygame related but still an attacned part of the black sheep lifestyle you endorse.

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Very good and true post. Only few in the community talk about this but nearly everyone hored to deal with it, except maybe some psychopath PUAs. As a older bastard 39 I have solved this by having a close relationship with my ex-wife.

I am out and about doing whatever I want, she knows what I do, but still can return to cuddle and even once in atached blue moon have sex with her just for old times sake. I do this by just being nice to her and telling her the uncomfortable truth about everything.

No games no nothing. She scratches me on my back if I sleep over and we cuddle a couple of days a week or month and have Married attached and bored or lonely every 3rd month or so. She has been in a new relationship with a dude for 6 months and he is classical weak bpred who gives her emotional support while I give her physical adventure in return for affection.

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And at the same time I really enjoy the adventures of daygaming, and just being free, but my emotions keep on pushing me into trying to start relationships, which I know is not healthy at this point because It will only hurt the both of us.

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