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Just want to fuck Netherlands

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Just want to fuck Netherlands

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Published on Jul 7, Category Entertainment. Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. Pureh 5, views.

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The Bristols - Little Baby - Duration: Ashley Elizabethviews. Chris and Eva I wanna fuck you - Duration: Scoddersviews. ARD 74, views. Kylie Minogue 9, views.

Dutch commercial : "I wanna fuck you in the ass." : videos

HMlairy 2, views. Ruptlyviews. SthlmSolberga 32, views. Kimbra - official video - Lady wants sex CA West hollywood 90069 Scotty doesn't know - Duration: Buckeryviews.

Lingualizer 1, views. Brownmark Films 68, views. Dancing baby, electrician with banana eating friend, the test pilot for Boeing talking about rolling theso many codecs and so few pixels. I live in Oregon too, we still talk about that one. Well, the event, not the x AVI or whatever. Ti you explain? Why wouldn't you be able to access it directly through a URL if the file was on a server? Just want to fuck Netherlands Netherkands late 90s there was a lot like a whole lot of file sharing going on through IRC.

You'd basically have to log into a file sharing channel and then queue up in line for your turn get access to the file server. Then you'd use commands to browse the available files and grab what you want. Just want to fuck Netherlands these days think ping refers to yo.

When I was a kid, uJst one ping was a gift from insert deity here.

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Oh man. The hours each night I spent on mIRC. All The different search commands for the bots. It was pretty awesome. No, there was actually a file server on the corporate network Just want to fuck Netherlands someone had stashed a few MP3s and that one video file.

You had to know where to look. Not back in the day, no. Often you had to connect to a server and use commands to find and download a file.

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Juts You couldn't just hotlink directly to files like you can now. It's not about being unable to hotlink, it's about hosting. Paying to host stuff was really expensive, so most stuff like this would be shared peer to peer, which means Just want to fuck Netherlands need to go out and find it. Hotlinks to files have been around for a long time, after all.

I suppose that's true.

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I was thinking more about back when I was using IRC and FTP servers, which you couldn't hotlink to because you had to log in Just want to fuck Netherlands find the file manually. Yeah, instead of answering a question and helping someone learn, let's mock them for their ignorance. Should I also explain why the Allies didn't use JDAMs instead of fire bombing Dresden, or why olden time people rode horses and not cars?

Perhaps I was encouraging the poster to research the topic for themselves, instead of spoon feeding them knowledge. I Woman looking for sex in Paradise Nevada il it as a friendly jibe.

That reflects upon you as a person, not me. I Just want to fuck Netherlands that's a bit over-condescending, they've just never had the experience in the first place. I doubt I'd be very good at farming but I'd probably get the idea with a bit of experience.

I did mainframe coding for two years after college. Still prefer the little clicky logo stuff though. Wife wants nsa Udall short answer is that hosting was super expensive especially for videos and stuff, so peer to peer sharing was how things like this would get around, generally.

Kazaa, limewire, Napster, IRC, or other methods were the common way to grab music and video and even images. You could hotlink it if the file was hosted Lonely tonight Jupiter a Just want to fuck Netherlands. But they generally weren't hosted on servers. First time I got it from a LAN party in I ffuck probably have the file around somewhere, I recently found some directories from that period on my fileserver.

The best English ad is still the German coastguard.

Just want to fuck Netherlands

Real life example: We did the Funky Duckman. Oh my, that's a blast from the past!

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Same, Just want to fuck Netherlands least 10 years. That's why I posted it without trying to much to reveal the ending for those unaware. Thanks for bringing back this old memory. My friends and I are still discussing the lyrics and what they might mean. We're thinking of calling in a poet for their thoughts on it.

Man those were the days Sex mature dating Magdalena advertising was really good in The Netherlands.

Now it's a lot of shit. I remember when someone sent me this video in and Netuerlands Just want to fuck Netherlands over four hours to download it. Plot twist: Oh damn, this is an oldie, but a goldie! I remember watching this when Fuk was at uni in the mid-nineties.

Women willing to fuck in Netherlands. My name is Rosina. I am 20 years old. Want real swingers. Are you Looking for Netherlands members? Check out the the Our site has hundreds of singles waiting to date someone just like you!, Fuck Buddies Near You. (Fuck you in the ass commercial) Soesman language training commercial from the 90s (Dutch). oonai Loading. I Wanna Fuck You In The Ass by Outthere Brothers with LYRICS - Duration: Kaay Alexi ,

I love the audio in this clip. The seat flapping up, loud thunks of the door closing, clicking the seat belts and the vroom of the Just want to fuck Netherlands. Fucking sex. This video is from the days that I had an offline video folder. When you passed this shit around via email. Most email servers had a 2mb attachment limit.

Technologically, those were not good times. True story: We driving to see the concert with them and Just want to fuck Netherlands to get the CD so we could listen to it on the way First song has a line: I remember seeing this video when I searched "ass fucking" on Jhst in Netherland of or Try this one https: Reminds me of a Dutch?

Both of these just made me so uncomfortable. This is a commercial for a company that doesn't exist. I kind Nstherlands remember that the advertising-agency made this to participate in a contest for ads pr something like that. Classic, nevertheless.

Well, you could play it in the U. I don't know what the laws were in the Netherlands at the time, but given that it's not in Dutch, it might get by even under Just want to fuck Netherlands rules. Commercial about learning English is in English. I don't speak English. What was that ad saying??? It's okay Just want to fuck Netherlands in the end you're right ; Didn't want to send too condescending in my answer. I think that video is like the first "dank meme" I've ever seen, like decades ago.

It was fun seeing it again. I wasn't aware there people in the Netherlands who didn't already speak outstanding English. But the target audience for this advertisement wouldn't understand the joke because they don't know English. If you understand the song and why it is funny you understand english so dont need lessons but if you dont Women seeking casual sex North Chevy Chase english you wont understand the song and why it is funny.

Maybe there are some shades of gray between "doesn't understand English at all" and "has perfect English skills" Probably also plays well on the "Oh God, I have done that too, before a friend told me what the lyrics ment. So the ad works for people who know enough to understand the phrase, but who still have much to learn.

Everybody in the Netherlands has had some English lessons. At least enough to understand what "I wanna fuck you in the ass" means. Even if they don't understand the commercial they have an internal curiosity which will drive them crazy.

Only a select few people can understand the commercial, which in turn will make others want to be able to. It's actually pretty brilliant if you think about it. It would cause discussion, some people would know some wouldn't, it would cause water cooler moments where people ask about it and learn. Best way Just want to fuck Netherlands ruck a message is to cause internal debate. Thats why i hate radio.

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