May 11, 2016

Why Does a Man Stop Loving a Woman?

Video Summary

In this video for Digital Romance TV, relationship coaches Mike Fiore and Nora Blake looked into the possible reasons that a man stops loving a woman so that you can prevent that from happening in your relationship.

Reason No. 1: Love evolves naturally

There are various types of love. The love you feel for your parents or kids is different from what you feel for your friends and both are also very distinguishable from what you feel for your partner. Even the love for your spouse evolves.

Often, you feel passionate love for your partner at the beginning of the relationship. It’s the kind of love that makes you think the world about that person. But over time, this very intense feeling wears off and becomes what is known as companionate love.

Companionate love still evokes warm feelings and a certain fondness for him but it’s more toned done. It is, however, still way different from responsible love – or the kind of love you feel for your parents or kids where there is a sense of responsibility mixed in with the emotion.

Reason No. 2: He’s tired of proving his love

Mike Fiore asked this question in a secret survey conducted among 20,000 men: what is the one thing you wish that the woman in your life knew but are afraid to tell her? Different answers were given, of course, but one main answer emerged quite clearly: a man hates it when he says he loves her and she doesn’t believe him.

A man falls out of love for a woman because he gets tired of having to prove his love every so often. It’s like you have this image of him and how he should love you that he could never live up to.

Reason No. 3: He doesn’t feel valued

An obvious message from the answer to secret survey is also the fact that men want to be respected and valued for who they are. When they marry, the woman expects the man to pull his weight around the house – and yes, men should be doing domestic stuff too.

But what gets to a man is when he is being treated like an incompetent woman – that is, his wife always finds fault in everything he does. It’s as if he couldn’t do anything right! It’s not like he’s not doing other important things – manly things – but that hardly gets any appreciation from the missus.

Bottom line is: men want to be loved for who they are and appreciated for what they do. When they feel constantly criticized or made to feel inferior, the start to believe it’s not going to work.

About Michael Fiore

Michael Fiore is a relationship expert and has helped millions of women across the world have better relationships and Nora is his co-host.




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