April 11, 2016

What To Do When You Screwed Up in a Relationship

Video Summary

In this video Claire Casey, a dating and relationship coach shares her advice on how to recover from relationship mistakes especially when you really screw things up.

We all screw up big time sometimes and the first thing you have to do is to just accept that you have messed up. However it depends on the severity of how you screwed up. Here are some tips on what you can do or should do.

Look at WHY things screwed up to start with

If you were the one who blew up or did something outrageous then the first thing that you really need to do, is ask yourself what was upsetting you. Then you may want to look at whether your response was warranted. If you think you did act like a Drama Queen then contact him and let him know that you are aware of this. Words can go a long way, but too many words can make things worse, so don't beg or grovel just keep it to a simple ‘I was totally wrong to blow up like that and I am sorry’.

Say sorry if you need to.

Carrying on from above, if you do need to say sorry, don't be too proud to do so as this could save your man from walking away. You may have felt something genuine that led to your reaction but you always have a choice as to whether to act or react to something. How did you handle things? Did you react? Let him know you are sorry but don’t make too big a deal about it.

Give him some space and let HIM come back to you.

This is the hardest part, Having to just sit and wait and hope that he comes back to you. You want to beg but this will make things ten times worse. Guys handle things so differently to women and sadly, are scared off a lot faster by emotion than women are.

Accept that if this freaks him out then it does. If it was meant to be, in time he will understand a little more and hopefully come back to you. And if he does, then this means great things about your relationship. But give him some space, as men need more time to think things over and may not be as quick off the mark as women are to know what to say or do in order to sort things out.

About Claire Casey

Claire Casey is the author of the bestselling online program “Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever.” She has devoted her writing to empowering women in the areas of dating, romance, relationships, and sexual intimacy.

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