April 12, 2016

What Should You Do When He’s Backing Off

Video Summary

In this video Claire Casey, a dating and relationship coach shares her advice on what you can do when your man starts backing off.

Have you suddenly found that your guy has gone cold? You’re not alone. Most men find they are not attracted to women who they feel are trying to get them to commit. They view this as desperate or needy and are put off by the pressure of it.

Men will be pretty straightforward about their expectations of a relationship. Make sure you really listen. If he’s saying he’s not ready or willing to be in a relationship, chances are he’s not. A sudden coldness or backing off may be his polite way of showing you he’s not interested.

If you find yourself in this position, it’s possible that you have made yourself too available.

Instead of adding more pressure by talking about feelings or demanding answers, slow down. Creating some space and pursuing other interests will be the most effective way to win him back. You don’t want to further the idea that you’re clinging to him. That will only push him further away.

Use this time to evaluate what you want out of a relationship.

Set standards for yourself and goals. Start a new hobby. Don’t be a wallflower! Get out there and date other guys. It’s not good to pin all your hopes on one guy, especially one who isn’t showing interest in a relationship. Find other men who are interested in being in a relationship. Enjoy spending time with them and the possibilities of a new romance. The important thing is not to settle. Create a situation where you rise to the top!

About Claire Casey

Claire Casey is the author of the bestselling online program “Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever.” She has devoted her writing to empowering women in the areas of dating, romance, relationships, and sexual intimacy.

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