August 26, 2016

Tips to Boost Your Sexual Confidence In and OUT of the Bedroom

Video Summary

Dating Coach Mike Fiore and guest Cassidy Lyon share helpful tips on how to boost your sexual confidence in and out of the bedroom in this video for Digital Romance TV.

Sex is not dirty.

Sex sometimes is programmed into us by whatever the greater being or the man is. People think sex is dirty and something not to be talked about. That is absolute bullshit.

One great tip is to masturbate.

To get in touch with your sexual confidence, a great way to do it is masturbate. Learn what you like so you can teach other people that. But if you know what you like and you give yourself what you like, that confidence will appear in other areas of your life.

Explore yourself.

Take yourself on a date. Take the time to explore yourself. This also applies to guys. A lot of guys do it in a way that is not pleasurable. They’re not really using masturbation as an erotic thing- they use it as a stress-reliever. Take the time to learn what your body responds to and what it likes.

Erotic fiction helps.

Reading erotic fiction or writing your own about your fantasies is an exciting and creative outlet. Don’t worry about your writing skills- nobody has to see it. The main thing is to get clear about what you actually like and don’t judge yourself for your fantasies. Fantasies are fantasies. Fantasies are not about it happening but more about the power dynamic.

Watch porn and don’t think about your flaws too much.

Watch porn by yourself. Porn is not evil. It’s an amazing tool for us if we have a little bit of a harder time getting off with just our own thoughts. It’s a great tool. Also, focus on what you like about yourself sexually. Some people get so obsessed over their physical flaws- but guys actually like all sorts of women.

Be able to say what you want.

A big way to increase your sexual confidence is to learn how to say to people what you want. Learn how to advocate for yourself. Be your own advocate- sexually and in general. It’s all about just connecting to yourself and to your partner. Learn how to articulate your fantasies. Don’t be ashamed of your fantasies. If you act ashamed about it, they’re gonna think there’s something for you to be ashamed about.

About Michael Fiore

Michael Fiore is a relationship expert and has helped millions of women across the world have better relationships and Nora is his co-host.




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