May 8, 2016

Should You Look Through His Phone?

Video Summary

In this video Michael Fiore talks about whether or not you should look through your guy’s phone.

So, you don’t trust him? Why is that?

Okay, so wanting to go through his phone shows that you do not trust him. OR you are just worrying because someone has hurt you in the past and something in you is convinced that this is going to happen to you again. Thing is, if you do not trust someone then can things really work between you? You need to ask yourself what it is that you are REALLY feeling here, and try and figure out why you are feeling it?

Have a talk – don’t look in his phone!

If you are feeling this way, then you need to talk to him and tell him how you are feeling. Going through his phone is NOT the solution because all this will do, is infuriate YOU and also him if he finds out that you have done it. You may think ‘oh well, if he has nothing to hide, then what’s the problem with me looking right?’. But the thing is, you could always find something you may not like and it could be nothing but if you even see a female friend flirting with him what will that do to you?

Before you know it, you will be feeling that you simply HAVE to say something about what you have seen and you will and boom, you are in the middle of a war zone.

What will you do if you do/don’t find something? Where does it end

If you DO find something, how will you handle it? And if you don’t well…. will you leave it there, or will you keep looking? You see? You are going to have to figure this one out and be really careful about how you handle this as you could wind up driving yourself mad.

If you feel you need to look through his phone, you need to look at the relationship that you are in and ask yourself if this is the right one for you because you should not be feeling this way, and if this is not about him but is about YOU, then you really need to sort yourself out.

About Michael Fiore

Michael Fiore is a relationship expert and has helped millions of women across the world have better relationships and Nora is his co-host.




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