May 11, 2016

Is Your Ex Trying To “Friend Zone” You?

Video Summary

In this video, Clay Andrews of shares what you can do if your ex puts you in the “friend zone” after a breakup.

Is the friend zone real?

In the first place, the friend zone does not exist between you and your ex – not even if he did break up with you by saying that you should just be friends. Neither is attraction – or the loss of it – a main cause for breakup, even if he did say he’s not just that attracted to you anymore.

But the friend zone is real – it just does not exist between two people who were once in a relationship. The friend zone is for two people who met and had no chemistry between them. The most they can be are friend because they are not attracted to each other.

Your ex will remain attracted to you for a long time

Attraction is a natural thing. If your ex once felt attracted to you, you can be sure that he will remain attracted to you for a long time. When he says that he just wants to be friends because he doesn’t feel attracted to you anymore, he means exactly that. He does not FEEL attracted to you – but it doesn’t mean that he’s not attracted to you.

The danger when you believe that your ex is no longer attracted to you is that you work hard on the attraction triggers. You do things that you believe will make you more attracted in his eyes. But this does not help you at all because it does not address the root cause of why your ex does not feel attracted to you anymore.

Re-acquire attraction in the most effective way

The reason that your ex does not feel the attraction even though the attraction is there – and will remain so for a long time – is because that feeling is blocked. Something is stopping your ex from feeling attracted to you and that something is comprised of all the negative emotions, experiences, and histories that led to the breakup.

If you want your ex back, you need to rid him of all that is blocking him from feeling attracted to you. This is why trying to be more attractive is useless; all your efforts will keep getting blocked. The thing to do is to clear away all that emotional baggage. Once that slate is wiped clean, attraction is re-acquired and will do what it naturally does – and that is to bring you back together again.

About Clay Andrews

Clay Andrews is a dating and relationship coach who helps women find the right type of man they can create a loving and thriving relationship with. He is the creator of Ex Solution Program- a program that helps couples get back together. To know more about Clay, visit her website below.




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