May 16, 2016

How to Tell If He’s Using You For Sex

Video Summary

In this video for Digital Romance TV, relationship advisers Mike Fiore and Nora Blake talks about how to discern if the guy you are with is just using you for sex.

The context of the relationship is sexual.

It’s fairly easy to tell if a guy is just using you for sex. If all you ever seem to do is have sex, then that about sums up your relationship. You hardly go out on dates and almost never make plans to do anything outside of the bedroom unless it’s a meet up for sex. And when you try to suggest doing something else, he often has an excuse.

A purely sexual relationship is fine.

A lot of guys are totally fine with having a casual sexual affair. Many modern women are too. They find it liberating to just have great sex with a guy without needing to commit. In this day and age, women are free to do it and not be stigmatized for it.

But if you want more than just sex…

Sometimes though, one of those engaged in this kind of relationship start to want something more. If you do, then you need to clear about that to him. You need to re-contextualize the relationship and for that to happen, you may need to cut back on the sex. Get to know each other outside of that aspect of your relationship and go out on dates to do so.

About Michael Fiore

Michael Fiore is a relationship expert and has helped millions of women across the world have better relationships and Nora is his co-host.




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