May 2, 2016

How To Make a Man Fall In Love With You

Video Summary

Make yourself stand out

If a guy doesn’t even know that you exist, how can he fall in love wit you? You have to get yourself out there and grab his attention. If you are in a group of friends then position yourself at the front and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to him!

Are you being too keen? Back off a bit

You met on a Monday and you are already texting him asking him on a date and appearing too keen come Wednesday. Let the guy chase you and don’t let him know that you are 100% interested too soon as this means that he does not have space to woo you and figure it out. Back off a bit and keep your interest to yourself. Make him pursue you – he will enjoy his ‘prize’ much more if he can do this.

Give a bit. then back off a bit

Give a bit and then back off a bit. Don’t be afraid to be interested but know, that a quality woman likes a man to chase her and impress her, as she is in high demand and does not have just one man into her at any given time. Position yourself as a high quality woman and let him know that if wants you then he is going to have to put some effort in and it doesn’t matter if there aren’t actually other guys chasing after you, he does not need to know this!

Quality women do not go out chasing men. Let a man come to you. A man likes to be the hunter so let him fight for and keep your interest. This shows that you value yourself and are a prize worth catching.

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