May 3, 2016

How To Get Your Ex Back: The First Step To Stopping a Breakup

Video Summary

A break-up is an emotional time and its easy to make mistakes. In this video T.W. Jackson talks about how you can stop yourself from making mistakes.

The First Step to Stopping your Breakup

Don’t panic. This is very damaging because it only confirms his decision to break up with you and pushes him farther away. There are a few things people in panic do. The first is text message terrorism or sending a barrage of texts trying to keep this person in your life or trying to figure out what happened. This behavior can also include drunk dialing or emotional dialing in which you profess your undying love. Also arguing about the breakup, reaching out to his friends and family or arranging “accidental” meetings can push him away.

What Should You Do?

What you should do is counterintuitive and the opposite of what you are feeling. For right now you need to agree with the break-up. Stay calm and act cool and okay with it. If you’ve already panicked and freaked out that’s okay. Stop or don’t do all the crazy stuff and just be calm. This works due to multilple psychological reasons. A hungry dog does not get fed. A scary, mangy dog gets pushed away. A cute, well-groomed dog gets treated a lot better. You want to be the cute dog. The other psychological reason this works is that people want what they can’t have. This is true for jobs, money and especially your love life.

Already Blew It?

Don’t worry. It’s not too late. Here is what you need to do. Write a short note in which you let him know you’re okay with the breakup. IF you did something wrong briefly apologize. Agree with his decision and let him know you’ll be giving him his space. Then tell him you’ve had something exciting happen in your life. End with you hope one day the two of you can be friends.

Getting your ex back involves doing the opposite of what your intuition is telling you to do. The first step to stopping your break up is to avoid panic and not do all the crazy stuff you want to do like dialing his number over and over or arguing about the break-up. Instead, you need to start by agreeing with the break-up and offering to let him have his space. That way your crazy behavior won’t push him away. Furthermore, people want what they can’t have and if he thinks you are making the choice to pull away he’ll want you back.

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