May 11, 2016

How To Get Over a Past Relationship

Video Summary

In this video Mat Boggs shares advice on how to get over a past relationship.

It’s completely normal to feel upset, sad, angry and distressed when any relationship ends – and it’s completely normal to go through a sort of grieving process. But when you’re stuck in that heartache, it can be tough to know how to get out of it – how to move on with your life and get over your old relationship. Follow the advice below to help you deal with that heartache and move on from your old relationship.


We tend to focus on the good things in life rather than the bad – and when a relationship ends, we tend to think about all of the good, happy aspects of the relationship rather than the bad, and this can make us miss our ex even more. It’s difficult to get the right perspective when you’re actually in the situation, so write down a list of pros and cons about your ex and about your relationship – and a list of pros and cons for moving on. You’ll find the pro list for moving on much longer and the con list for moving on much shorter than the pros and cons for your ex.


Being intimate with someone frequently releases chemicals within your brain that makes you want to be intimate with that person again and again. Breaking that chemical bond can be super tough. To get over him, and to break that bond, you need to stop having contact with him – don’t try to be “just friends”. Don’t call, text or email him and remove him from your social networking accounts. Without seeing what he’s up to and without having him in your life, you’ll find that you move on much more quickly.


Breaking up with someone causes pain and heartache. To move on emotionally, you need to forgive yourself and you need to forgive him for the parts that you both played in ending the relationship. Think about what contributed to the end of the relationship and think about why it had to end – then forgive yourself, and forgive him.


When two people are together, they have a spiritual connection. While you’re trying to get over him, he might pop back up and call you just to “check in”. That doesn’t mean that you should get back together. Expect that he might call again, and be prepared for it.

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