July 23, 2016

How To Get Him to Ask You Out

Video Summary

Have you ever experienced meeting a guy that you absolutely want to go out with but can’t get him to ask you out? When you’ve already done the usual flirty talk, twisting the hair and looking cute thing but he still can’t get the hint?

Dating coaches Nora Blake and Mike Fiore share useful tips on how to get a guy to ask you out in this video for Digital Romance TV.

How about just asking him out instead?

Just ask him out- it’s that simple. It’s 2015 already and it’s perfectly okay for a girl to ask a guy out. Remember to ask him out in a flirty but suggestive way. Talking with coyness and gentleness will work with a guy most of the time. A little bit of body language helps, too. One important tip though: don’t wear those “single and available” and “I’m with stupid (with the arrow pointing up)” types of shirt. It gives off a vibe that you’re single and desperate.

Won’t that emasculate him?

Women fear that it might be emasculating to a man or that he might get weird about it. If he gives you that reaction, then he’s not somebody you want to date anyway.

Don’t be afraid to ask.

It’s okay to ask a guy out. The worst thing that’s gonna happen is he’s gonna say no. It’s highly unlikely that he’ll reject you in a condescending manner. It’s like the same thing you say to a guy when you don’t wanna go out with him. You spare his feelings a little bit so you try to be nice about it.

So the answer is- just freaking ask.

A lot of women think that guys are used to rejection since as early as high school, they’re expected to be the one to ask out a girl. Women feel that they shouldn’t go through that experience. But it’s okay. How to let him know that it’s okay to ask you on a date? You can just ask him yourself.

About Michael Fiore

Michael Fiore is a relationship expert and has helped millions of women across the world have better relationships and Nora is his co-host.




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