April 12, 2016

How To Get a Do Over After You Had a One Night Stand With a Guy

Video Summary

In this video Claire Casey, a dating and relationship coach talks about how to get a do over if you have had a one night stand with a guy. Can things be salvageable?

Stay calm as we all make mistakes

The fact that you have had sex with someone makes you human. There is nothing wrong with wanting sex, and some people choose to have it just for the sake of having it so don’t beat yourself up over this. Of course, if you like the guy and want to DATE him then yes, things can be a little cloudy after jumping into bed with him right away and we will talk more about that below, but never give up, you can still try again, and the worst thing that you can do is to make a huge deal of this, so just let it go.

Laugh it off and see how he responds

The best way of handling things is to laugh at yourself. That’s right! Laugh it off and see what happens. If you act too emotional he will think that you are one of ‘those girls’ and why would he want to get into a relationship with you? Guys want something that is easy to start with so laugh off what happened and say something like ‘hey, great sex, so shall we see what a first date is like?’. If he likes YOU then he will think you are cool and if he is not interested well he never would have been, he was just looking for sex, so leave it as that, as a great night that you had and move on.

Understand that men will have sex if it comes easy

Not meaning to lecture you here but men will have sex if it is on offer, there is that old saying, why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free? And this applies to sex. Men do not want to have a relationship with someone if they can have them as a booty call, they work to get sex, and value it more if they have to work for it, so don’t be so available, as this will just have him fill his boots and then move on to the next one and you are worth so much more than this and you know it.

The main advice here is to just forgive yourself and see it for what it was and what it is. You can always give it another shot but keep things simple and don’t go all heavy on him. So what, you had sex? What’s the big deal about that? You are just human. Forgive yourself and try not to be so ‘available’ next time.

About Claire Casey

Claire Casey is the author of the bestselling online program “Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever.” She has devoted her writing to empowering women in the areas of dating, romance, relationships, and sexual intimacy.

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