May 10, 2016

How To Attract Men If You Are Shy

Video Summary

In this interview, Julie Ferman talks about how to attract men despite being shy. It’s often difficult to meet and talk to a man when you are shy, but Ms. Ferman has many tips to help you break out of your shell and meet someone.

It’s a Matter of Practice

For shy people who have never really had to approach people, it can be just a matter practice. Put yourself in situations where you have to approach new people. It can be related to dating, such as speed dating, but it doesn’t have to be. There are all kinds of meet up groups you can join such as hiking, music, dancing or other social events that will help you practice the art of striking up a conversation.

Take Advantage Dating Events

Speed dating puts you in situations where you have to talk with a lot of people at once. It is great practice and low cost. Dating services are also helpful. Personal matchmakers can be very helpful for shy women because they will set up the entire thing so that all you have to do is show up for the date and enjoy yourself. It will get you on a first date with a qualified candidate.

Find a System that Works for You

Some women simply aren’t comfortable working their magic out in the world, but find a process or system that does work for you. Maybe it’s personal matchmaking, maybe its speed dating or another social event. The important thing is to find a system that isn’t too big of a stretch for you that puts you in a situation where you can comfortably meet someone.

If you are very quiet and introverted the best thing you can do is practice. The more things you try and events you attend the better you are going to get at approaching people. You may also want to consider personal matchmaking where your first dates are orchestrated for you and that takes some of the pressure off. Find a system that you are comfortable with to get you out there meeting people.

About Julie Ferman

Julie Ferman, matchmaker, dating industry consultant, media personality, speaker, and writer, founded Julie Ferman in December 2000. Julie’s passion in life is bringing people together. She values above all – human connection, lives touching lives. As Julie Ferman she specializes in helping singles make that all-important initial connection with the right people. To know more about Julie, visit her website




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