May 11, 2016

How Making the First Move Can Drastically Increase Your Chances of Attracting Men

Video Summary

In this video Nadine Piat, a dating and relationship coach reveals how you can increase your chances of attracting men by making the first move.

Make a simple move to give him the signal

It’s more than alright to make a move on a guy. Women think that this makes them look too masculine but you can make a move and still allow him to be the one who comes to you. Give him some eye contact. Look at hm and then look away. Maybe even throw a smile in there if you feel it is appropriate. Let him see that you are interested and then head over to the bar so he has a chance where you are away from your friends, and feel confident in coming over to talk to you.

You may want to take things up a notch then and actually strike up a conversation with him and so that he definitely sees that you are interested. This is fine, don’t think that this will put him off, it won’t.

Guys LIKE women to make the first move as it makes his life a lot easier. He spends a lot of time standing there wondering whether or not you would be interested, so show him that you are and then he can take care of the rest.

Be accessible so he can make a move

Are you always stood with girlfriends when you are out in a bar or club? If so, this can be really intimidating for a guy and it can make him put off coming over to you because he sees your friends as the wolf pack who are just waiting to rip into him and watch him fall flat on his face.

If you like a guy show him that you do using the advice in point number one, and then get away from your friends for a moment so he feels he can come over. Perhaps step away from the group and look as if you are making a call and then stand alone for a moment, so he can come in and make his move

If he doesn’t and you have given the signals, don’t assume it’s YOU, maybe he has a Girlfriend already. Don’t be put off being more assertive and confident when it comes to meeting guys.

About Nadine Piat

Nadine Piat is the creator of ‘Healthy You Healthy Love’ and her mission is to inspire women to break free from the shackles of painful love and to love wholeheartedly with ease. Through her blog, newsletters and online programs she empowers women to effortlessly captivate the very best men, cultivate soulful love, experience bonding and healing physical intimacy, and live a life filled with inner joy and unshakeable confidence.

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