May 10, 2016

How Long Should Women Wait For Commitment

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Julie Ferman talks about commitment and how long a woman should stay with a man before moving on in this interview for Women can only have children up to a certain point in their life and need to take this into consideration while dating. So how long is too long to stick with a guy who hasn’t committed yet?

Be Responsible for your Fertility

Women can only have babies into their early forties. If you are interested in marriage and having children you need to take this into consideration when you are dating. If you are in your late thirties and you are struggling with dating you may even want to consider freezing you eggs to give yourself more time.

Six Months is a Good Number

If a woman is interested in marriage and children, more than six months with a man who isn’t showing signs of commitment is too long. A man who hasn’t said he not only wants to be in a committed relationship, but wants to be in that committed relationship with you after six months is wasting your time and your fertile years.

No Sex if he hasn’t Committed

If a man has not said he only wants to be dating you and you’re the only woman he wants in his life at this point you should not be having sex with this person. Furthermore, if he cannot say that he sees you as the kind of woman he could be in a long-term relationship with you are wasting your time dating him.

Waiting for a man to decide to commit can be frustrating and many women have spent years of their life with a man who never had any intention of committing. For women interested in marriage and children, you simply can’t wait around for a man to commit. Six months is enough time for a man to decide he is ready to be monogamous with you and at least say he can see himself with you for the long-term. If you have not gotten this type of commitment from him, then you are wasting your time and your fertile years with the wrong man.

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