July 21, 2016

How Do You Know If You Should Move in With Him

Video Summary

Dating and relationship coach Allana Pratt give advice on ‘How do you know if you should move in with him?’ in this video for Digital Romance TV.

Talk a lot.

Before you move in together, no matter what the age, you need to talk about how it’s going to be a contribution to you and to him. You gotta talk about money, sex and the future. If you’re young, you gotta talk about kids. If you’re older, you gotta talk more on retirement.

Ask all the important questions.

There are lots of questions that you need to ask before moving in with him like ‘Who’s gonna pay for what?’. You need to ask those questions so you won’t be taken advantage of, won’t have your expectations blown down and so you’re setting up to win.

Be clear about what you want.

I want you to be really clear about what you require for the move-in to be totally a contribution to your life. Be in communication with him about what would it be for him to have it such a bonus for you to move in. It could be that you require marriage. It could be that you guys have separate money.

Think about your requirements and then have that conversation.

Whatever needs to be in writing, get it in writing- so that you could feel like you are moving in to be treated like a queen. Otherwise, you don’t require it and you can continue on where you are and as you are. Just allow yourself to write a list of everything that would just make you feel like- ‘This would be it’! Think of everything you could desire and require and more. Then, be brave and have that conversation with that gentleman.

About Allana Pratt

Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt inspires open hearted living, with delicious sass. Featured on CBS, TLC & FOX, this cum laude graduate of Columbia University is the Author of 3 books. She’s a coach to celebrities is and the Host of the sexy empowering show “Intimate Conversations LIVE”.

After working with thousands of men and women who struggle to open their hearts again in the aftermath of a harsh breakup, Allana helps them learn how to date again and find lasting love. She inspires women to embrace their sacred erotic nature to attract all the love and attention they can handle. She heals men’s emasculated hearts, cures their ‘nice guy’, and awakens their ‘noble badass’ so they can create hot, healthy intimate relationships. To know more about Allana, visit her website below.




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