May 12, 2016

How a Man Feels About You Is Important

Video Summary

In this video Dr. Alexis Shepperd, a relationship coach reveals how a man feels about you is critical for relationship success.

The way to his heart is to make him feel like a better man

Men feel like a King when a woman makes him feel like one. You need to be inspired about who your man is, and celebrate it. This keeps his interest and if you cannot do this then he will lose interest in you. You need to ask yourself, what it is about your guy that gets you going. This can also be a great relationship test because if you can’t find many things, then you may have a problem. But make a point to praise your man as men respond better to this than they do criticism.

Tell him what he does that makes you smile and he will want to do more of it. This will have him feeling good when he is around you and this is why how he feels about you is important because if you can make the man feel good, and like a better version of himself then you’re in there.

Make him feel like he makes you a better woman

Show him that you are independent and can do your own thing. Don’t cling onto him. He needs to feel like you feel secure and safe with him and are happy within your own skin, and THIS also makes him feel like a better man. If he feels like he leaves you insecure he feels like he is somehow failing in the relationship stakes so make it your duty to make yourself happy and don’t rely on him to do all of the hard work all of the time.

About Alexis Shepperd

Alexis Shepperd has a PhD in clinical transpersonal psychology, is a passionate workshop facilitator, a spiritual seeker, a yogini, and a burner (as in Burning Man!). She has been training people in depth-coaching, circling and leadership since 2005 and is one of the founders of The Circling Institute, offering workshops, coaching and advanced trainings for seekers, coaches, and transformational facilitators. To know more about Alexis, visit her website




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