May 1, 2016

Does the No Contact Rule Work To Get Your Ex Back?

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First and foremost, what is the No Contact Rule? It basically means that you do not contact your ex for a certain period of time immediately following the break up, especially if you want to get back with him. This period depends on how bad the break up was; if the breakup seemed like an obviously bad decision for you two, then a cool-off period of one week would suffice. If, however, the breakup was especially bad, then one month or more of no contact is best.

Admittedly, it’s so much easier said than done. And what’s in it for you anyway? Will it help you to get your ex-boyfriend back? Difficult as it may seem, having no contact with your ex is the first thing you absolutely need to do if you want to win your ex back.

I know it may seem counter-intuitive but the following reasons should convince you as to why it does work:

One, the breakup is still too fresh and you are just too emotionally raw to handle any contact with your ex. It’s always a bad idea to let your ex see you miserable over him – that gives him too much control over your feelings and he’ll make a quick association between you and the negative memories he has about the relationship.

Two, you’re not in full control of your feelings and reactions. Who’s to say you won’t profess undying love, desperate need for him in your life, and the promise to do anything and everything to have him back? If you think that should make him feel flattered, think again. No one can deal with the pressure of being somebody else’s reason for living and your ex – merely by being your ex – would be the least likely to want to.

Lastly, you need the No Contact period for your own good. This would be the best time to gather the pieces of your life, find something else to enjoy and make yourself over. That way, you’re a much better person – more confident, happier, and more fun to be with – when next you see your ex.

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