May 10, 2016

Can I Fall In Love With a Guy That I Am Not Attracted To Over Time?

Video Summary

In this interview, Julie Ferman talks about finding the right fit. She discusses the question of whether or not you can fall in love with a man over time if you aren’t really attracted to him. It’s not a new challenge, and Ms. Ferman says you shouldn’t give up.

Give People a Chance

The men you like don’t call you back, and the people that like you just aren’t quite what you were looking for. You shouldn’t give up, however. It’s important to give people a chance. If they meet at least your top three criteria, then take the time to get to know them. It takes about three dates before you can really say whether there is chemistry there or not. After three dates you may find you bond with someone.

Have the Courage to Keep Going through the Process

The process is always the same. You like someone, but they don’t like you and vice versa. This can go on for a while before you finally find the right fit. Eventually, if you have the courage to keep on trying, you are going to find the right fit. That means give a guy you aren’t sure you are attracted to a second or third date if he’s chasing you. Give things a chance to develop over time

How does he make you Feel?

You may think you aren’t attracted to someone, but focus on how you feel when you are with this person as you date. After a few dates you may realize that you love the way you feel when are with this person and then attraction can grow.

Women can develop an attraction to men over time, however, men don’t seem to have the same capability. That means that if a guy is chasing you, you should give him a chance. He’s clearly into you and you may be letting someone go that could be a very good match for you. If he has the top qualities you are looking for but you just aren’t sure, have the courage to spend more time with him. You may be surprised by what can blossom.

About Julie Ferman

Julie Ferman, matchmaker, dating industry consultant, media personality, speaker, and writer, founded Julie Ferman in December 2000. Julie’s passion in life is bringing people together. She values above all – human connection, lives touching lives. As Julie Ferman she specializes in helping singles make that all-important initial connection with the right people. To know more about Julie, visit her website




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