May 8, 2016

5 Signs He Just Wants SEX

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You wonder whether he wants just sex or YOU. Ooh you will just know! If you are even asking this question right now, part of you is already wondering, and if you are wondering then there is your answer..?

He only calls you when it is gone midnight

You know the kind of call. You’re sat in bed and about to turn out the light and the phone goes and it’s your guy, He wants to see you or he wants to talk dirty. He has been out and he didn’t take YOU with him but now he wants your attention and you feel on the one hand happy about this but you also feel a bit miffed that he only seems to want you for one thing!

He always wants to drink

Drink is always somehow involved and he calls because he has had one too many and you get this slurring waffle down the phone and… enough already! Tell him to call you when he is sober. You deserve more than this, and he needs to grow up and treat you like a lady.

He doesn’t call at the weekend

It’s the weekend and he is out. But not with you. Maybe he has a date with someone else or he is out with the lads. But truth is, when a guy really likes a girl then he makes time for her at the weekend and if he doesn’t chances, are he is seeing other girls and you are just a good for now kind of girl.

He sex texts you and wants dirty pictures

He sends you photos of his bits and bobs, and expects you to do the same. Hey, send me a topless pic.. go on. Urgh. Men seem to love this these days but you don’t have to do this unless YOU want to and if he is asking for this all of the time but not dating you, he is looking for ‘wank material’ as they call it today!

He tries to get you into bed right away

He doesn’t want to sit and hear about your day or your week, he just wants to get right down to it. And if you’re in the mood, great! But if this is all he seems to want then chances are that this is all he wants and you need to figure out if you are okay with that and if not, then tell him so and see where you stand on being more than a booty call.. because that is all you are right now.

Of course, if you are happy to be someone’s booty call then do it and enjoy it and have some power in this and see him on your terms. But if something does not sit right with you then move on and find someone who treats you as you deserve to be treated!

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