May 2, 2016

3 Ways To Get a Guy To Like You

Video Summary

Check your attitude – are you being friendly?

You may think that you are giving off the right signals, but are you?

Check your body language. How are you standing? Be open, don’t cross your arms, don’t slouch, don’t try to be too hard to get as you may miss the boat completely.

Be a little mysterious

You don’t need to let a guy know right away that you like him. Play a little cool and let him get to know you.. and also, give yourself time to get to know him. You may feel a chemistry and be attracted to him but this does not mean that he is the right guy for you. What kind of person is he? Is he a player, a nice guy? Don’t judge too quickly, give things time, and this works both ways, some guys you may need a bit more time to get to know them.

Keep and cultivate your own space

It is SO off putting if you drop everything for a guy – he then feels like he needs to look after you and that is too much for him to handle, so make sure that you have your own life and you are happy doing your own thing, and won’t just drop everything for a guy.

Show him who you are and why you are different to other women

Guys want women who are different to others, who have an opinion and a life. Don’t be afraid to be who you are and SHOW HIM who you are, create interest and intrigue and be that independent girl that you are.

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