July 21, 2016

3 Things That Will Make Your Ex Want You Back (#2 is KEY)

Video Summary

Relationship coach Brad Browning share the things that will make your ex want you back in his video.

Tip number one: Don’t chase your ex.

The first and most important thing you need to do if you want your ex to want you back is to not chase them. At this point, your ex expects you to chase after them. So by doing the opposite, you’re not only gonna surprise them but it’s also gonna re-spark her interest in you. Since your ex is used to having you around, when you cut off ties with them, they’re not gonna know what hit them.

How it works.

In order for this to work, it means putting a stop to all phone calls, all texts, Facebook lurking, messaging, Snapchat, etc. If you could do this successfully for at least 30 days, then your ex is gonna miss you and they’re gonna wonder where you are or what’s going on with you. Even if you’re dying to get back together with your ex, don’t be the one to show it. Excessively calling or messaging them is gonna turn them off. Nobody wants to date somebody who’s desperate or clingy. Play cool at this point and distance yourself for a while. Having time apart will also help both of you to think and reflect on why you broke up in the first place.

Tip number two: Appear busy.

Even if you have absolutely nothing going on in your life, it’s important to make yourself seem busy. Or better yet, actually get busy. Showing your ex that you have a lot going on in your life or that you’re having a great time without them, is gonna make them realize that you’re strong, independent and perfectly content with being on your own.

Embrace singlehood.

A great way to get comfortable with this is by embracing your newfound single life and spending time hanging out with your friends, taking on new hobbies or working towards goals that you’ve been putting on the back until this point. So go out as often as you can, laugh a lot and live life to the fullest. People love it when their partners are carefree and fun- they’re gonna begin to ask why they broke up with you in the first place.

Tip number three: Improve yourself.

Whether this means hitting the gym, making healthier eating habits, re-thinking your hairstyle or wardrobe- do whatever it takes to feel good about yourself. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you feel a lot stronger and more confident as well. Keep in mind that you’re doing it for yourself- not your ex. At the same time, your ex is gonna get a message that you love yourself and your world does not revolve around her. You may even get others interested in you. When that happens, your ex is probably gonna go into panic mode and realize that they’ve given up somebody who’s beautiful inside and out-they’ll come running back to you.

Be your ideal self.

Make a list of three flaws that you’d love to change about yourself then slowly start to address them. It takes a lifetime but even taking small steps to become your ideal self can help rebuild your relationship. Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear and one of the best ways you can get your ex to want you back.

About Brad Browning

Brad Browning is a relationship coach and breakup expert from Vancouver, Canada. For the past decade, Brad has worked with thousands of men and women around the world, helping to reverse breakups and mend broken relationships.

Brad is author of the best-selling Ex Factor Guide program, which teaches readers how to get their ex back. He also offers personal coaching to a limited number of clients, guiding them through the process of winning back an ex or recovering from a difficult breakup.




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