May 10, 2016

3 Things Not To Talk About On a First Date With a Man

Video Summary

In this video, Michael Fiore talks about the main three things not to talk about on a first date with a man and why….

Your ex.

Just do NOT talk about your ex for any reason. Whether it’s in a negative way or a good way. If you talk about your ex in a bad way it looks like you still have issues about him and you are not over him .. and also, that when you split with someone, you bad mouth them and this new date will wonder ‘hmm okay, so how will she talk about me if we date and I annoy her?’.

If you of course talk about your ex in a positive way, it looks mature sure, but it also may still look like you have a thing for him or why else would he be on your mind during a date? Go with a clean slate and make time to get to know THIS guy and quit talking about another one.

Mental health issues.. or issues of any kind.

You may have Bipolar Disorder, or have an addiction that you are recovering from and there is nothing wrong with having issues, we ALL have them and more to come, but on a first date, it really is not the time to be airing these things because a first date is kind of like a pre date in a way as you are just really there to suss out whether or not you would like to see this person again and then, if you decide yes, well that is the official first date. You don;t need to air your dirty laundry as Grandma would say. Have some self respect and keep some things private until the time feels right to share them.

Children. Whether you want kids, or don’t want kids… keep it to yourself.

If you talk about wanting kids, it sounds like you are planning the future with THIS date/guy and that is way too much pressure for HIM. Guys run a mile at this kind of thing and you may not even mean it in that way but he will think you do and will run run run. Keep talk about commitments of any kind for when you are officially dating a guy, and even then, wait for the time when you feel HE is ready to talk about this stuff too as it can a bigger deal for guys so go easy on him.

About Michael Fiore

Michael Fiore is a relationship expert and has helped millions of women across the world have better relationships and Nora is his co-host.




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